Drew Brees makes his NBC Debut, internet Amazed by his New Hair

Drew Brees makes his NBC Debut, internet Amazed by his New Hair

Former American Footballer Drew Brees has held his audience’s attention not only with his performance and the evolvement of his hairdo. His last coming into the limelight was his recent appearance as a football announcer for NBC where many have noticed that his head of hair appears to be thicker than before. This change has led to a variety of controversies and concerns regarding whether the Saints quarterback Drew Brees has considered getting a hair transplant surgery. In this article we will learn about Drew Brees makes his NBC Debut, internet Amazed by his New Hair.

Drew Brees, certainly one of the most outstanding quarterbacks in recent memory, has seen his hairline variety throughout his playing proper.

For the years this talented quarterback spent on the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints, one thing fans and media fixed to eagerly discuss was his hairline. When he signed His head was full when he joined the Chargers in 2001 at the age of 22, but bit by bit, year in and year out, and as he grew older and more experienced, the hairline began to recede.

Hair Transplant Speculation

A video which Drew Brees released towards the end of July in the year 2020 showed him with hair more abundant than in the period football was being played, let alone the first five years of his career. A drastic change in appearance like this leads people to believe they are using hairpieces or hair restoration products. However after a few months exactly in the same year, he did the unthinkable he shaved his head inhancing Issues of his baldness. With very rare glimpses of Brees going hat-less, fascination with his hair has not died down.

Drew Brees makes his NBC Debut, internet Amazed by his New Hair : Career and Hair Transformation

As reported, Drew Brees ended his professional career football career, with rumours indicating that he is set for a television career and more specifically as a football commentator. In September 2021, specifically, Brees was finally able to appear on NBC, which is one of the largest sports networks in the United States of America, as an analyst to show his knowledge in the field of football. Look at him, he looked the part, especially with what appeared as a better head of hair compared to before prompting debates on social media. This sudden reversal, of what only a few months ago was a receding hairline, has once again raised questions about rumours of a hair transplant.

Even though Drew Brees has not come forward to explicitly admit to having a hair transplant, many of his fans and observers have even noted that his hairline alone is enough to make them assume this. Some have noted that he was completely bald and there were no visible marks on his scalps; this has led others to believe that he could have chosen a technique like DHI. The well-known technique is DHI which means Direct Hair Implantation – the operation that transplants hair follicles without damaging the skin, thus, no scarring occurs.

Hair Transplant Methods

NBC Debut, internet Amazed by his new hair

Hair transplant techniques have evolved significantly, offering various options tailored to individual needs: Hair transplant techniques have evolved significantly, offering various options tailored to individual needs:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This is a process that entails the swift removal of the scalp’s strip on the recipient’s head and implantation of a single hair follicle. It can leave a linear scar It can leave a linear scar, which the subject desires to have removed, but finds a way to transform into an art piece.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Transplants single and multiple hairs together from the donor site without leaving a continuous scar; normally, it only produces point-shaped scars.
  • Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI): A procedure that is relatively painless and requires little surgery intervention since the hair follicles are directly harvested and transplanted into the bald area, giving it a natural look with no scar.
  • Sapphire FUE: More elaborated every time for incisions with a sapphire blade that reduces the time it takes for the skin to heal.
  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant: Transplants hair as well as using stem cells to boost the outcomes of hair transplant surgery.


In conclusion, while Drew Brees makes his NBC Debut, internet Amazed by his New Hair decision regarding hair transplant surgery remains unconfirmed, his evolving hairline has sparked intrigue and speculation. The absence of visible scarring and the noticeable change in his hair suggest the possibility of a hair restoration procedure. Whether Drew Brees opts to share details about his hair journey or not, his experience has shed light on the possibilities available for addressing hair loss concerns in today’s world.


Q1. Did Drew Brees undergo a hair transplant? 

Ans. While Drew Brees has not confirmed it publicly, the noticeable changes in his hairline have fueled speculation that he may have undergone a hair transplant procedure.

Q2. What type of hair transplant did Drew Brees undergo? 

Ans. The specific type of hair transplant Drew Brees may have undergone remains unconfirmed. Speculations point towards the Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) technique due to the lack of visible scarring.

Q3. Are there before and after photos of Drew Brees after his alleged hair transplant? 

Ans. Comparisons of Drew Brees’ hairline over the years suggest a significant change, indicating a potential hair restoration procedure.

Q4. Does Drew Brees have any scars from his hair transplant? 

Ans. There have been no reports or visible evidence of surgical scars on Drew Brees’ scalp, leading to speculation that he may have opted for a scarless method.


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